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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Haven't We Had Enough War Yet?


Each and every war America has ever been in has been fought on a basis of lies . . . And from those lies evil rises and atrocities happen, Why?

War is hell, it’s build on lies, deceit and misinformation. And the innocent always die, always they lose their innocence. The Civil War had its raiders and Sherman’s march to the sea, Andersonville, Rhode Island . . . Then there was The Maine, Pearl Harbor, The Cuban Missile Crises, The Bay Of Tonkin, Desert Storm and now Iraq . . .

War is a tool of politics and we little people are its pawns. They tell us their lies and we believe them.

March 14, 1968 in a little Hamlet in Vietnam, 120 American soldiers killed hundreds of innocent old men, women and babies. They raped, killed and butchered as low as 300 and as high as 500. The exact numbers no body will ever know. And it all happened in four short hours and no one was watching . . .

How high did the responsibility go? Was it policy? Everyone denies it, but that’s always the case. Nothing would have happened but a grunt wrote letters to a General and it was passed on for investigation. It landed on the desk of a Major Powell, he never even met with the soldier that wrote the letter, but with his commanding officer. And in the end, he reported back what his bosses wanted to hear.

And when another soldier went further, writing letters to Senators, Congressmen, the President, Joint Chiefs . . .
The lid was off the jar and its rotting contents were spewing out everywhere . . . And our Major Collin Powell couldn’t escape the backlash, so he just pleaded ignorance about the massacre . . . And rose in the ranks.

We believed in a soldier, his so called good name and then we wonder why? Why was he part of all that Iraq junk? If it looks like a goat, bays like a goat, it must be a goat.

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