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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Made in America May 15 2007

What’s made in America, anymore? I’m not sure, so many have gone away for cheaper labor.

But I would like to know, so if you know of a company that still makes something within our borders, let me know.

I’m not interested in companies that have succumbed to the corporate greed and outsourced everything. I want those that live and die, the red, white and blue. Those that choose to work with the unions as opposed to those that abuse their workers.

We used to be proud of our 500 and now I’m not so sure. We aren’t as loyal as we used to be. Companies aren’t as loyal to us as they once were. Now everyone seems interested in the lowest price and quality has gone away. Sure it’s a cycle, but Deming is gone and no one is stepping to the plate.

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