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Friday, May 18, 2007

Who Says Were Not Paying A Price For Iraq


I have heard time after time that the American people aren’t paying a price for this war . . . Are they nuts?
Every war we pay, in money, lives and now gasoline.

The high gas prices stem mainly do to profits. But no one is going to accuse them of gouging the American people, not with the capitalist in Washington. Why now? Things like global warming, green house gases we are told. And then you have to wonder where the fuel is coming from for Iraq? Oh and now we have an energy policy that doesn’t want to use fuel outside the U.S. More specifically anyone we don’t like or doesn’t like our dictator . . . Probably Argentina, Iran, Russia, etc., etc. But where does our favorite furor’s gas come from? He’ll never wait in a line.

You didn’t really want to take that dream vacation anyway, did you?

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