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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Best of Warriors and Wars . . .

A Dedication to all moms everywhere . . . Happy moms day.

Everyone has someone that has made the greatest impact on their life . . . My mom was that person for me. She is no longer on this earth. She died over five years ago. Everyone says that you’ll get over it. The truth, you never do.

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Babylon Revisited

Only Suffering

War started today,

our missiles banged

into Baghdad,

disappointment has crept

into my thoughts,

for my country

started the war.

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A Cry From Andersonville Prison By William Comfort

When our country called for men we came from forge and hill,

From workshop, farm and factory the broken ranks to fill,

We left our quiet happy home and those we loved so well,

To vanquish all our Union foes or fall where others fell.

But now in prison drear we languish and ‘tis our constant cry,

Oh ye who yet can save us . . . will you leave us her to die?

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Vimy Ridge – opening battle of the Arras

Most Americans have never heard of Vimy Ridge. Nor would they be expected too. Vimy Ridge was one of the largest battles in WWI. Just a hill, though it was held by the Germans. And no one ever expected to have taken it away from them . . . So many times it was tried and so many times it was met with failure. The French had lost 150,000 men in their attempts to take that ridge.

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The Unknown Soldiers – Remember the brave few

In a field somewhere anywhere a worker works, digging up the fallen soldiers. It could be from any war, in any country, from any time. And still soldiers fall . . .

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