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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What one teacher stood out in your life


Wow . . . Trying to think of something to write I wandered over a long lost thought. I was thinking of my eighth grade math teacher Mr. Bales. He died many years ago. He was there when I needed help and he saw . . . Many time kids are just pushed through because there’s a course plan in place and no one should ever deviate from the plan . . .

Right . . . What if a teacher finds a flaw in the student’s skills? Does the teacher fix the flaw or struggle through the material?

Well in eighth grade Mr. Bales immediately realized that the class wasn’t proficient with fractions . . . Heck, I couldn’t add, subtract, multiple, divide a single one. So he stopped and pulled worksheets out of his bag of tricks. We spent two weeks working on fractions. And in the end, I was straight ‘A’ student in math. My parents wondered what the heck he did with their kid. And then Mr. Bales had me tutoring grade school kids in math.

He was and is my hero. Not just because he helped me, but because of the time he spent doing what he loved. He was a teacher and in his free time he volunteered to teach at the boy’s home. No one wanted to teach those criminals, call it fear, whatever. But Mr. Bales he went out of his way to help kids . . . A writer writes, a teacher teaches . . .

And you know, somehow I think he would be proud of me.

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