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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why Is This Emigration Bill Going To Pass?


Don’t kid yourself . . . It’s all about votes. Somehow both parties are going to weasel the right to vote into the Bill. How can illegal aliens have more representation that we do? Why do they get in state tuition and we have to wait a year? Why don’t they lock down the borders?

Are they afraid they might not register? What happens if they don’t? Nothing changes. They have to register before anything can happen . . . What if they don’t come out of hiding?

Business will have to be the fall guy. They are going to have to make sure anyone that works for them is registered and they will have to pay taxes for them or they will be sent back.

This Emigration Bill won’t succeed without the cooperation of all the illegal aliens . . . And that means it won’t succeed. Here we are again taking a shotgun to the problem hoping we’ll hit some of what were aiming at.

Now we’re backed into a corner . . . For thirty years the Government looked the other way and now their answer is letting them stay. They say they do the work Americans won’t do, right.

Americans won’t work for peanuts, because those peanuts are worth peanuts here. We have no where else to go. Three years here, they can go back and live pretty nicely. Heck everyone I know would bust their butts for three years if they could retire at the end of it. So let’s call a spade a spade . . . Americans don’t have the incentive to be slave laborers, Illegal Aliens do.

The only way for real Emigration Reform is to close the border and then start rounding them up. But no one wants to see this form of fascism, but we’re doing this with combatants already. It’s illegal versus legal and that’s what needs to be policed.

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