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Monday, July 02, 2007

And They Just Don't See It . . .

. . .

We are one the top countries in the world and still we don’t act like it . . . We don’t take care of our own. Every country has some kind of healthcare for their people and we have 40 million plus that do without . . . Many provide college educations to its people and we buy bombs. Many have retirement homes and we throw ours on the streets to go hungry.

And so we hate their ways. Spread lies about the quality of healthcare. And the French have the best healthcare in the world.

Some would call it socialized medicine. I would say we’ve already paid for it, just haven’t gotten it yet. Same goes for college. Silly as it sounds, businesses make investments to make more money . . . An investment in education would pay for itself in added revenue from taxes.

What if our people didn’t have to worry about not having enough? What if they didn’t have to count on Social Security to help them when they are not able to work?

What if we worked to better ourselves instead? . . . How about going back to school when you reached retirement age to learn a second or third career? What beautiful choices we would have?

Just what if we realized that each of us are one in the same, we’re Americans . . .

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