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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Remember Always, The Brave Few . . .

. . .

A bust of Abraham Lincoln sits on my desk. For Americans he has been a voice of the righteous . . . And I wonder if we’ve created a fa├žade in the image of a demigod in which no man could possibly attain? Who is this president? Who is any president for that matter?

The last six years have been an awakening for me. I have learned truth as it unfolds, not just what those that make policy want me to believe. Many of us act as though our image has been shattered, maybe it has or maybe it’s been brought out of the shadows and into the light.

There’s always someone to righteously justify our policies. On this most revered 4th of July, Americans taste distain or they taste a righteousness made by an act of our president. Right or wrong, somehow it carries a numbing effect. The man at our helm doesn’t seem to believe in our laws, our constitution . . . It saddens me.

This country was not founded for a handful of politicians to fight over and divide. Our founding fathers those first Americans came to start over, they came fleeing tyrannical government. They came for freedom. Freedom never comes without a fight, so many have died, to keep us free, so many have died for misguided policies.

I feel the disappointment too, but we must come together and celebrate our freedom, we must remember those that gave it to us. We must remember always, the brave few . . .

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