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Friday, July 13, 2007

Did Anyone Watch Live Earth . . .


Did anyone watch Live Earth? I didn’t. It was just such a gorgeous day and so . . . But truthfully, I should have.

We all should have, we need something to bring us together as a people, a world. Wars divide. Leaders have the ability to unite, though they only use that tool if their own agenda intertwines others values. Mostly they divide. When are we going to figure out that our leaders work for us . . . Throw those bums out.

Not one leader has ever suggested giving the people a survey to determine his agenda. Why?

Why can’t the congress give us control to tell them what we want them working on?

Things like;

+Stopping the war . . . If it were up to me, we never would have started one.
+Health Care . . . Every American should have it, same one your Gov. has.

+College for everyone . . .
Invest in your assets and watch them prosper.

+Everyone gets six weeks vacation . . .
Again taking care of your assets.

+Care for the Elderly . . .
No one goes hungry, no one should have to live on the street. Invest in helping people become healthy, productive Americans . . . Move them from the streets to places to help them reenter society.

War, selfishness is not our American values . . . Freedom, a better place to live, to grow and cherish, the American Dream . . .

Dan Hanosh
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