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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Would You Like To Be The Last . . .

. . .

How would you like to be that one, the last to die in Iraq?

One more year, one more week, one more minute is too much; just another wall to leave our sorrows by, another meaningless conflict to add to our list of sins. All wars end and the occupiers pay the price for an infrastructure that has been smashed . . . When will we ever learn?

Maybe it’s because of our youth, their gun-ho inexperience or maybe we just hate too much? Can anyone tell me why? Why did we go to war in Iraq?

Congress wants us to think they were not given the right information . . . I thought it was contrived, why didn’t they? They knew more than I . . . I’ll tell you. Simply because they did what they thought we wanted, we wanted to go to war and they did.

But truthfully, I fought everyway I knew how, not too. And when we did, I cried . . . For in war there are no victors, only death and dying.

And now I wish we only had the guts to truthfully analyze what went wrong and fix it . . . But that requires admission of guilt and that’s not ever going to happen.

So next time I’ll be against the war and someone will have to be the last to die for some meaningless cause . . .

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