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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Maybe We Need A Cause . . .

. . .

Maybe it’s time for us to find a cause? Maybe Al Gore is right and even if he’s not what difference does it make? I mean wouldn’t it be nice if the American people came together to Save Our Earth? Believe what you will, I think a cause is what the world needs to show us that we are all alike.

And then the critics came out trashing it and I thought how silly to diffuse the people of the world coming together for a reason other than hate. All of us are connected, we all have common beginnings. And somewhere it was easier to fight to kill when we learned to hate . . . I wonder if love can be built just as easily?

I for one, thinks it’s time to rise above the parties and unite for the common good of all people . . . How about you?

Dan Hanosh
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