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Monday, July 16, 2007

Today For The First Time . . .

. . .

Today for the first time someone on TV said they weren’t around for the end of Vietnam . . . If that’s a case for staying in Iraq, it’s a poor case. I remember . . . The departure was quick. Equipment of all sizes and price was dumped off ships, jeeps, tanks, helicopters were splashed into the ocean.

Maybe not a great statement but maybe why we went into Iraq in the first place . . . The youth of America, never lived through the horror of Vietnam. I’m talking about the nightly body counts, Mai Lai massacre, tet Offensive, carpet bombing, the draft, campus riots and the like . . . They don’t remember, the rape, pillage and burnings. They don’t know the pain of war . . . And we judge those that do, why?

I believe the bar stories to be true, though not many are talking.

If a Viet Cong didn’t talk, they said he jumped out of a Huey, 3000 feet free fall. And fragged or friendly fire was not something to be sought . . . If it happened to you and you lived, you quickly had an attitude shift. Maybe you never received those orders after all. A quart of the Jack or any other means to forget, that’s war.

No I was never there, but I believe the stories . . . There were just too many to discredit. Atrocities . . . Someone told me he was one of 450 Special Forces dropped into Cambodia, that’s when Nixon said we weren’t there. Anyway, his brother went with him. He said, without my brother, I wouldn’t be here. He claimed the fighting was hand to hand all the way. Both made it back, just two of a mere 150 remaining men.

Then there is the story of the medics that were separated from their squad. When they found them they were still alive, begging to die . . . Later that night the squad went out on a little avenge hike. They rigged claymores along a trail and waited . . . They didn’t have to wait long.

I’m against war, I will always be against war . . . War is never righteous, war is just death and dying. We weren’t proud of Vietnam, we won’t be proud of Iraq.

And next time, maybe the draft would keep war out of politics? If your kid was the first to go, would you vote for war?

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