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Monday, August 13, 2007

All Tragedy Came With Warnings . . .

. . .

Every nation had a time of aggression . . . The United States is no different. Spain conquered the new world and brought out millions in gold and silver and killed thousands of Indians . . . The French and British fought over the land because of furs and killed so many on all sides. And each time the wars are over greed. We should learn from history . . .

We had Indian Wars because of our policy to move them off their lands and today we our paying for it. The British paid for their involvement in other nations with lives . . . In America in the French and Indians wars, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812 . . . In Africa in the Zulu wars, the Boar wars, in Sudan with the Mahdi. The French in the desert, in Vietnam before the U.S. entered into the conflict . . . And each time someone is handed their Ass.

If we look closely at our own history, we would see, we are a warring nation. And each and every time the war is primarily for a policy gone astray. Some how our leaders lose site of what’s right . . . And some how they believe power takes a stubborn will . . . How far are they willing to go, to succeed their policy? I believe our leaders, aren’t going to hold anyone accountable in our behalf . . .

It’s going to take us getting involved before we again pick a president that will Govern for the people, by the people.

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