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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What to expect

. . .

Everyone seems to be hinting at Iran . . . This week Israel attacked Syria, blaming North Korea and no one said much of anything. Last week, a B52 went across the US with nuke sidewinders loaded on its wings. And no one was alarmed.

When did we start attaching nukes to sidewinders? These are tactical weapons. Weapons of everyday battles . . . What the hell are we doing? We’re arming . . .

Why? Does anyone really care that something is in the wind? And when this thing breaks out, we’re going to be the last to know and it’s coming fast and furiously.

What’s the most likely scenario? Israel will attack Iran . . . And we’ll be pulled into it and the draft will be back. Our sons and daughters will be forced to fight, does anyone care? why?

Is if for Oil, Middle East Democracy, Bases, Money or a Presidents personal policy? No one knows for sure, not even Mr. Bush. This is a bowling ball picking up speed and when it gets fast enough nothing will stop it . . . Same BS happened before Iraq.

The reason doesn’t matter, it’s just that we are falling into the same trap and this time it’s going to be big.

I hope and pray, I’m wrong . . . But what if?

Dan Hanosh
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1 comment:

Peter said...

I believe the fight against terrorism is a just cause. How we go about it, is another thing.

Our troops (Aussie soldiers) are there as well and are doing a fine job.

I just hope and pray the fight will stop soon and all troops can come home to their families.

Do I think the fight against terrorism will ever stop? Sadly No.

My fear..that one of these countries, possibly Iran, who possibly have weapons much greater than the ones being used in Iraq and Afghanistan, will escalate the war is such a way, that the world will be brought to annihilation.

God help us all!