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Friday, November 23, 2007

Health Insurance For Life . . .

. . .

What if we awarded health insurance for life if a donor gave a piece of his liver, a lung, a kidney to someone who really needed it? Would you do it? I would. And to be honest that excites me . . . I believe that it is time for us to stop paying for health insurance through our employers.

What if someone signed up for being a donor when they died, would it be worthy of giving them health insurance for the rest of their life?

If everyone didn’t have to worry about health insurance do you thing we could afford to work for less? If so, then why aren’t we? I think it would allow us to be happier in our career paths . . .

How do you feel about national health? What effect do you think that has on labor costs? Do you realize that we are no longer playing in an even playing field with any of the industrialized countries?

Now is there a way to give everyone the same insurance as those in congress? I think John Edwards has the right idea, take congresses insurance away until they find a way to give every American the same coverage they enjoy. I wonder when did they become better than the people they server? The Brave Few. Dan

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1 comment:

Lisa McGlaun said...


I think you are right. All the democratic candidates are running on a platform of some sort of health care reform. I really like it when I heard John Edwards say that about congress. I just about cheered.

I wonder what you think of Dennis Kucinich and his plan. The part I definately like is that healthcare would no longer be a for profit business. That would really change things for the better.

Thanks for discussing this issue.