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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've Grown Tired . . .

. . .

I’ve grown tired of complaining with no sight in end. I have a diesel pickup, when did diesel cost more to produce than gasoline? It doesn’t cost more . . . Just like these prices aren’t prefabricated . . . Mr. Bush has rolled back history. During Reagan’s reign we had lines at the gas pumps, why? Iran . . . Always Iran.

Don’t you grow tired of this S**t . . . What if you started walking? What if everyone started walking? The prices would fall overnight . . . They wouldn’t be able to give that s**t away . . . And you know, we’d all be better off for it.

The truth, we can’t believe any of them . . . What’s going on in Iraq? How about Afghanistan or anywhere for that matter? Who knows? Not the U.S. Media, they on a need to know basis. I wonder if the BBC or CBC?

And we don’t need to know . . . Who determines who needs to know? And the Vice President is ok . . . What’s happening in Iraq? Bush is meeting in Maryland with leaders trying to fix the Middle East . . . Heaven help us all. And still what’s happening in Iraq?

I’m disenchanted. I have been so naïve. It’s like being asleep and waking up and realizing it’s all been a dream, a lie. So now what?

I put my head down and trudge that American path of ignorance, apathy and one of no action . . . What happened to my Country of my youth? Was it ever what I thought? I think not . . . But each day I thank God for our Dreamers, they believe and they fight for us, they die for us.

And we don’t hear anything. We don’t know anything . . . Does a tree in the forest make a noise when it falls when no one is there to hear? When no one is there to cry for our fallen? This is so unfair of them . . .
BRING EM HOME. The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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1 comment:

The Muse said...

Here, Here! Wonderful post!

About the gasoline. You have a diesel, we have a big F250 that gets 14 mpg. We need our big truck, so we have to cut bait and dig deep to fill it up. Our other small vehicle doesn't do much better.

With the cost of gas rising, every thing else does too. How can anyone live anymore? I don't see the wages increasing to meet the cost of living.

I would love to go out and buy one of those new hybrids for $40,000. However the cost of fuel, groceries, household essentials-like keeping a roof over our head, and the non-existent cost of living raise hold me back.

I thought I learned, way back when, that war was good for the economy. I don't see that. All I see is blood and tear shed. So I'm with you and the vast majority of others: Bring 'em home!!!

Besides, can't we all just get along?