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Monday, November 19, 2007

When Did We Become The Party Of Hate . . .

Why Do We Hate? The other day I went to a conservative blog . . . I won’t say the one. And I was disappointed, disappointed in the hate mongering. Why have we become so filled with hate? When did we become so judgmental?

It’s almost as thou those that led in the 60’s have become saints . . . They weren’t saints. It was s trying time at best. Everyone hated so . . . Everyone seemed to be so bigoted. There were marches, black and whites, the kkk and peace rallies. Vietnam had become the joke . . . We woke up and realized LBJ had thrown us into the fire.

We’re better than that . . . For so long I have said nothing about my party, thinking I am an Independent or that I could be a Democrat. But I’m not an Independent and I can’t believe that I want someone to baby sit me, I have always been a Republican and somewhere you’ve changed, not me.

And today I’ve decided that’s enough . . . I will never condone fighting to the last man standing, not when we started the stupidity. And torture, hmmm. Where have we let them take our values?

I believe in truth, honor and the American Way . . . I will never believe in the end justifies any action and I will never give the whole party to the rich. Screw them . . . They will you.

I am a conservative. What does that mean? I believe not in privatization, but less Government. Those so called leaders have taken us down a path of CRAP. They think privatization is better than the Government . . . Now that’s just silly. Every business owner knows privatization drives the price up. The lack of competition kills all advantage, the lack of controls kills all levels of success. You need to be honest with yourself. Being conservative means balanced budgets and lower spending, not being a party that’s afraid of losing the next election . . .

But what happened to just being better than them . . . To be honest, I don’t think I can sign on with a fiscal policy that spends ridiculously and has no concern for human life. That’s hate . . . Not a Republican.

Who are our leaders? What are they selling us? Hitler sold the same CRAP and his closest advisors turned on him. The Brave Few. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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gt281 said...

Fine words Dan,
One should always hope for the best, to believe that we are
all human, that a good heart beats within everyone…but we should also be prepared for the evil/stupidity of man…
911 should of showed that to everyone… we live in dark times now,I’m afraid that evil is growing, and will soon be fast apon us… Men who are willing to kill thousands, are also the men who are willing to kill millions, should they gather the right weapons to do it… their called martyrs and they believe paradise awaits…
I remember the days of your Hendrix video, dark days, so many
brave youth sacrificed for nothing, feed into the grinder, with no thoughts at all for them…dark days when this nation was so
divided between peace and war, between black and white…

Thankfully this nation has grown up and now black and white
can at least be friends, if not brothers…but I look to the horizon,
and I hear the words of careless hate mongers in South America
and in the Middle East…remember your history, Germany was
corrupted by just the voice of one man, and millions believed him
and swore undying loyalty to him, until the whole world was on fire…
Now again we have nations that are being led into the darkness by the words and deeds of hate mongers…these are not the days of the 30s and 40s, these are the days of the atomics, Ebola, smallpox,
chemical warfare…I fear that a ‘fanatic’ believer will kill millions, and again the world will be on fire, not so much for me, I’m old and grey, and not many years left, but for all humanity, for if the whole world is set ablaze now, there might not be anything left for anyone…
Even tho I don’t believe in God, I pray that wise men will stop the

Dan Hanosh said...


I hope that maybe your right . . . I hope we can unite and build a world where good can prevail, but I also think it can only happen with an open hand and not a closed fist. And peace will prevail . . . That is what I pray for, that is what I hope for. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Richard Webb said...

The politician sends the soldier to war to solve problems caused by hate. The hate is for the mass of humanity, and comes from an elite few that are working towards a feudal society.

If every soldier refused to fight, there could be no war, but for many reasons, there will always be willing soldiers. The elite feed from the conflict and fear, it is their staff of life.

When the soldier has done, what he/she perceives to have been his/her duty, and returns home psychologically damaged, without care and treatment, then there is another brutalised soul added to the pool of misery.

There are easy ways to treat these soldiers that free them from trauma. They are Emotional Freedom Techniques that cost nothing and restore lives. It gives me great pain to see traumatised souls living out their days, racked with the horror of war, and vilified for being unable to cope. All part of the depopulation plan for our Earth.

Only self-education will stop the sacrifice and restore humanity to live lives where their huge potential can be utilised.

If you are interested in finding out just what is happening and why visit my blog:

I started out as a healer/writer, and through research I have identified the need for knowledge that will take us out of the dark ages, and enable us to fulfil our infinite potential.

gt281 said...

your right of course Dan...
the welcome hand of friendship should always be extended first...
and this has been done many many times by this nation…
even now the peacemakers are trying to solve the problems
of our times…let us hope and pray they are successful…
but also remember the motto...
hope for the best, prepare for the worse…
look within your wallet and view the eagle there, what
does it hold?... the olive brand of peace in one hand and
arrows of war in the other, with a shield to protect…
let us hope the arrows and shield are not needed…

Ben said...

Your words are wise. People like you are the ones who keep my hope in humanity alive. However, hate is not new. That sentiment along with bigotry, xenophobia, greed and many other negative ones are part of the evolutionary baggage that our species has accumulated for millions of years. I agree with Richard that only self-education will restore humanity.

I don't believe in evil and goodness, that one nation has been chosen (by whom?) to protect the world against the bad guys. Every government, every politician, every person could claim that he/she fights for good and to defeat evil. That's called delusion and that's why our society is in so much trouble.

We need to get rid of that baggage that close our minds and look at ourselves for what we really are, brothers, one species alone in the universe, if we don't help ourselves and make our own lives better, who will?

Great blog. Thank you for sharing your dreams