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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Are We Thinking . . .


Are we stupid? Why is everything crashing down around the world? You probably don’t know. Everyone seems unhappy with their leaders, why? Argentina, Pakistan, U.S. and on and on.

Is it only when they stop listening or something else? This is the first time in history that the media is part of the problem, the first time when the people of the world aren’t sure of anything around them.

And it is so disconcerting knowing that up, may not be just above our heads . . . Last night was the Republican Youtube debates. Watching I felt an uneasiness, an uneasiness from both parties equally . . . So we go through this CRAP and then we vote and four more years of the same or slightly different or dumped on our heads

. . . . Still there is no way for the people to oust a leader they dislike. Be it a President, Senator, Congressman or a Mayor. I have learned something through all this BS, we’re all in this together and payback is hell.

Our leaders, swear to their views and they change and they lie . . . I am tired of this . . . Tired knowing that no one wants to pay taxes and that is solely how they vote.
And are we better for the last eight years? Does every American have healthcare? Does every American have a savings? You don’t know about them, only about yourself . . . Do you? Are you better off than you were eight years ago?

But look around, everyone is struggling with no help available to pick up the pieces . . . Do away with the rest and we’re just one earthquake away from nonexistence . . . . And why?

What’s sitting in your driveway? Your closets? Drawers? Not American made products, because . . . Because we all think cheaper is better. But you can’t always get it both ways. I mean you buy at Wal-Mart, you say to put the kid through college . . . But why bother if Wal-Mart is the only job left?

Like you, I like what money buys. I like high returns on investments, I like feeling important and today we get to experience something we’ve never experienced before . . . Runaway spending with no end in sight. Iraq has ruined our credit in the world. It’s been paid for with a credit card.
And guess what? Our creditors are those we fear most . . . What if they come to collect?

When the house is lost the bank takes it back. But when the country fails, who’s going to take back the country? And guess what? They did it on our watch, with out a fight. Shame on us Republicans . . .

Shoot we’re still trying to privatize everything and don’t know it’s already been sold. But my fellow Republicans, who do you think bought those institutions, the ones you wanted privatized? Americans? Think again.

The first lie they sold us was that the Government can’t run anything well . . . That is so much CRAP and you know why . . . You see it everyday, you see it at the gas pumps . . . G R E E D.

Privatization only works when everything is at the same level, everything is at the same demand, same supply with no constraints, no controls. But folks you can’t control the board . . . And here’s the sad truth.

Your Government has known all along that Globalization means taking a pay cut. For you, for every American and still they push it as being part of a free market . . . But it’s not a free market. The Chinese businesses don’t pay labor, the country does. That means, every country in the world practicing free market trade with China is being duped because you pay labor and they don’t . . . But profits is all that’s important, right?

Well when you lose your job because it isn’t needed or out sourced to China, India, Mexico or some other third world country, then you can say I helped bring in on . . . The Brave Few.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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