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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I think all politicians are nuts . . .

. . .

Politicians are nuttier than squirrel poop . . . Sorry, J.K. Rowling and all you Harry Potter fans for steeling her metaphor, I couldn’t help myself. It was just too good not to use again.

Why now? Well everyone is saying the surge is working in Iraq . . . We have to believe because no news is good news, isn’t it? To be honest, whether they tame the rattler or not doesn’t take away the fact that the jumped into it’s nest, does it?

Long ago I learned that if I attempted a project with an endless budget and no time constraints, I couldn’t lose, so who are they kidding? What we need to realize is this bunch thinks they are better than us, that they are acting for us. Right . . . ? Now the Democrats are jumping on board with the surge. Hey Dip Shits, you can’t tell me you haven’t figured it out? The insurgents have moved somewhere else. Pakistan seems ripe for the picking . . . Da?

This thing is a long way from being over. And the dollars are going to go into the trillions. And why now? Seriously why are the Democrats jumping on board? Can anyone speak Chinese? It seems the die is cast. Iran, China, F-it, let’s just take on the world, why not, we’re better than them, right?

Hey where did all the rich people go? Can you say the Kingdom, Dubai or is it King George’s middle name, Dubia, oh that’s spelled with a W.

To be honest, I don’t like war. I don’t like that for 3000 plus lives we destroyed two countries and killed so many. I don’t like the lies they used, for their shock and awe. I don’t like that they all decided to use a private army. I don’t like what they did to the Geneva Convention and our sacred Constitution all for a victory . . . It just won’t taste as good as it could. And you know George is right, history will always remember him kindly. The deck has always been stacked . . .

So what does that mean? Maybe our honorable, beloved country isn’t so honorable? Maybe we are only as good as our leaders? Maybe it’s all a lie? George Washington was a coward. The civil war wasn’t over slavery. The USS Maine wasn’t attacked, a boiler blew up. The Japanese declaration for war sat on FDR’s desk before the Pearl Harbor attack. Truman didn’t have to use the second bomb. Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs was a sham. LBJ lied about the bay of Tonkin and Vietnam. What about the Cole? What about 9-11? If the past is any indication then there lies too. The Brave Few. Dan

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1 comment:

gt281 said...

Hey again Dan,
I agree 100% with your comments, and strangely enough
I disagree 100% with them…you know where I stand…
We’ve talked before…please do not equate the lives and suffering of our Guardians with oil…It cheapens their lives to say that 4000 or 1 million barrels of oil equals 1 brave warrior….equate it with anything else you want but not for some stinking black syrup that feeds the industrial world…as far as your comments on the price of oil, gas, diesel etc…all we have to do is tie the price of wheat, corn, flour and grain to the price per barrel of oil,, and oil prices will within a day go down to $5.00 a barrel…lets see the sand people eat oil….
But we won’t,, because we’re ‘NICE’…..
I really really hate those MFs,, they’re wacko…
I hate to say that,, but there’s something DNA wrong over there…..
The emergency ambulance tecs did a wonderful job kick starting my heart,, after I got my propane bill…
They’ll have to be back one more time I’m afraid…
I’m seriously thinking of looking into solar cells to put on my roof for heating…seriously…..
As always lets pray for the safe and speedy return of our
Guardians to this Great Land we both love…..