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Friday, November 16, 2007

What if we get Bush lite . . .?

. . . ?

What if we have another five years of this CRAP? Do you feel comfortable with another Clinton? An ex-mayor of New York, who couldn’t keep his pants up, either?

All I ever wanted was to be proud of my America. And that means having leaders that know right and wrong. And ours are arrested for solicitation in airport bathrooms or don’t know whether their zipper is up or down . . .

How do you like being played? Winning an election has become synonymous with manipulation, the illusion of being a good leader . . . But isn’t being a candidate an oxymoron of a sort? To be wealthy, independently wealthy, hasn’t some moral fiber been eroded in the process? I wonder . . . ?

Who ever gets the nod to be our next President, it doesn’t look good. But won’t they be better than what we have now? We can hope, but history tells us otherwise. The damage just might not be repairable.

We have a problem in this country, when does the cause become more important than the country? The Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery. It was fought over beliefs . . . Today the line has been drawn in the sand. Sides are being drawn and soon the fight over right and wrong will begin. Will either back down? NO.

Nuts right . . . ? Watch and see. All Governments have to have boundaries, they have to know when a cause is just too extreme, too much to bare without losing its core belief. The storm is brewing, it’s in the wind. Righteous rocks are being tossed around as if they’re loafs of bread. And don’t kid yourself, everything is connected . . . Barry Bonds, Iran, Iraq, port security, the border, oil prices, mortgage problems, everything is held together by a single tiny thread called confidence. And it’s been eradicated by the few, our so-called leaders . . . The brave Few. Dan

And today I only see one choice, John Edwards . . . And that’s looking at all candidates. I am a Republican, but these guys aren’t Republicans and if you still think they care about you, you better get a life because when one company owns everything, you are screwed . . . Balance is all that works, well. Checks and balances . . . And today I announce my support for John Edwards, the only candidate worthy to be called President of the United States. The brave few. Dan

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1 comment:

omelas said...

Gotta say, a lot of us Democrats are feeling exactly the same way. Good post.