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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Here We Go Again . . .

. . .

I really don’t like any of the candidates for President . . . Every one of them has great defects in my thoughts. Let’s call it like it really is, no party will alienate the Illegal Aliens because they control votes . . . Maybe it’s just perceived votes, but no one wants to lose the election because rallied at the polls afraid they’d be sent back.

Ok, let’s say they stay. What does that do for us? More taxes going at the retiring baby boomer crises, for the Bushes Deficit. To be honest with you, I think we should throw all the bums out, even Lou Dobbs . . . He’s really not helping anything.

Sure everyone with a brain would like to pay less in taxes, but you won’t if everything gets kick to the states . . . That means duplicating everything fifty times. Then why would we need the Fed? Wait a minute, didn’t we do all this before? No that was because of slavery. Are you sure? Seems to me it didn’t start until the Southern States Senators walked out . . . Hmmm.

Anyway, everyone is against price caps . . . But folks it has to happen, it’s out of control and no one is being reasonable. They just as soon kick the money somewhere else . . . Did you hear the rich are fleeing to Dubai, what does that mean?

They got off Scott Free . . . A new world order, that’s what we let Bush do, that’s us, the Republicans. Boy don’t we feel smart . . .

And you know what’s coming? Fifty percent taxes . . . Oh and they’ll throw in healthcare. Maybe that’s a good deal. But you know that’s what I proposed long before Bush and 9-11.

Something like this . . .
+ 50% taxes
+ Free college for everyone forever
+ National healthcare
+ National Pension Plan
+ 6 Weeks Vacation for everyone
+ Mandatory Community Service forever for every American
( Build a bridge, low income housing, help a child )

Sounds like socialism . . . How else do you think we’re going to survive those modern Rockefellers?

What do you think will even the playing field with China? Didn’t we beat Communism? I think it beat itself, the same way our cherished capitalism is going. Privatization is obsessive behavior, we can’t afford run away inflation and that’s what that is . . . Is anyone happy with what their making? Now I ask you, privatization, really? Sounds like we’ll need a bushel basket to carry the dollars we’ll need to pay for a loaf of bread.

These guys are criminals . . . They don’t need us, but we have no choice . . . The Brave Few. Dan

Dan Hanosh
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gt281 said...

Whistling in the graveyard again Dan?
You know nothings going to change…
So save your tokens,, have a cold brew,, pray at night,, and shovel the fkin snow…
I haven’t voted since ’72… makes no dif… I can’t figure out why any person (R or D) would want to be prez… the money stinks,, the headaches are world class Bayer aspirin size,, and no matter what you do,, even if its nothing at
all,, you get your head handed to you by the pundits,, congress and the opposite party… all that grief
just to have your portrait painted and put on a White House wall…Obama seems square jawed,, at least hes stayed out of the muck so far,, I’d vote for
F. Thompson,, if I voted… at least he had smarts enough to get out of Congress before the radiation affected him too much… but hes…shall we say,, not very photogenic,, and well,, overweight,, and not very Camelot handsome…
Your not leaning towards that Hillary Dillary thing are you?... If so,, I’ll have to come over and pull all your nose hair out……
Spring is only 5 months away.. ain’t that grand?.........
OH,, and I couldn’t find any RHYMES
on you poet blog……yeah,, I know,,….poems do not always rhyme,, and rhymes are not always poems….
Have a good one………………

Anonymous said...

America does'nt have election candidates anymore, now it has corporate offerings